100 Years of Love is a contemporary home fragrance label founded in Toronto, Canada. The collection is a culmination of an obsession with contemporary art and fashion, travel, design, and fine fragrances. We believe that our senses – particularly visual and olfactory experiences – can move us, making connections to our hearts and leaving impressions on our memories.
Our curated collection of uniquely fragranced candles helps you enrich some of life’s most intimate moments. Our minimalist design philosophy ensures our candles will blend seamlessly into your space, and each candle is fittingly named to highlight the scent experience that awaits you. We use only the highest quality ingredients and through a process of small batch production, each and every candle is hand poured and hand labeled in our Toronto studio with love.
Above all else, we believe in the power of love. Give it freely, and the universe returns it. Love, kindness, diversity, and positivity are words we choose to live by. Through each and every candle you light, we believe you help share this message of love.
Our candles are made with the highest quality clean burning soy wax.
Our wicks are 100% cotton and free of lead.
We use only the finest true to scent fragrances that fill your space.